Rascals Spa Facilities

Rascals Spa has been designed in the same style as our hotel to give our guests a complete spa experience.

  • We offer 3 massage rooms, (optional couples massage)

  • Every room has air conditioning & tranquil music, showers, mirrors, changing area

  • A dedicated beauty room for hair, manicure, pedicure & reflexology treatments overlooking the spa garden

  • Restaurant spa service

  • Our staff have been trained by highly experienced & skilled spa professionals.  We guarantee a high level of service & touch.

Rascals services

A note for all outside guests with appointments for the spa, we do offer all restaurant services to the spa so you don't have to move during your treatment.  I would say as well, we have excellent cocktails, wine & coffee!!!

You're are also welcome to relax in our restaurant and terrace areas.  Please be aware that the pool area is reserved to for in-house guests.  Thank you so much for your understanding.